David Bisbal (Almería, 5 June 1979) began his musical career professionally at age 17 as vocalist of the Orchestra Expressions. A few years later, in 2002, had the opportunity to publish his first solo album, “Corazón Latino”, after he finish second in a TV show called Operacion Triunfo. Since then, David Bisbal has sold over 4 million records in Spain and America, getting 30 Platinum and 15 Gold .That first album, and also the second, “Bulería” (2004), treasure every one of them a IFPI Platinum Award, official certification for selling over 1 million copies across Europe . His third album “Premonition” (2006) was launched simultaneously in Spain, Latin America and the United States, with Quintuple platinum in Spain and Disco de Oro in the United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Ecuador. Throughout his career, David Bisbal has offered three major world tours, offering a total of 300 concerts. In late 2007, he published “Premonition Live”  deluxe edition including the Premonition Tour ( Double CD Double DVD) format, in full concert. With this launch, David Bisbal closed an important cycle for over a year and a half, which has won the Premio Ondas 2006 to Best National Artist and  Amigo  Award in 2007 and many othes .With the new album Sin Mirar Atras, David won Double Platinum in Spain where he is also #1 in Sale.


“Corazón Latino”

“Corazón Latino” was recorded in Miami and produced by Kike Santander. Tracks such as “Ave María” and “Lloraré las penas” shot straight to the top of the charts. Over a million copies of “Corazón Latino” were sold in only six months. A year after it was released, the album had sold a 1.5 million copies. It received the Premio Ondas prize in 2002 for Best Album of the Year and was nominated in the Best New Artist category at the Premios Amigo Music Awards in the Best New Artist and Best Album categories. Of course, with these vertiginous figures, “Corazón Latino” was the biggest selling album in Spain during this year, according to the official figures from Prosmusicae, outselling its nearest competitor by more than half a million copies with 13 Discos De Platino.

The album was so successful abroad that David Bisbal was awarded ten Discos de Oro and two Discos De Platino for sales of “Corazón Latino” in the United States and Latin America. In 2003, he was named Best International Newcomer at the Premios TV and Novelas de Mexico prizes, the OYE prize for Best Male Soloist, also in Mexico, and was chosen as the most promising musical launch of the year in a poll carried out by the Ritmoson Latino video channel. “Lloraré las penas” also reached number 1 on the Billboard Latin Tropical/Salsa Airplay and number 3 in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart.

The Latin Grammys in 2003 were a high point for David, who won the prize for Best New Artist, and was nominated in the category of the Best Male Pop Album for “Corazón Latino”. He appeared live at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, and has gone down in the history books of these awards. Months later, in Monte Carlo (Monaco), Bisbal received even more important international recognition at the World Music Awards, where he was named Best Latin Artist. Back home, the Almería artist added his first Cadena Dial Award to his collection of trophies. In Autumn 2003 he went on a huge introductory tour throughout Latin America, giving 20 concerts in big cities such as Buenos Aires, Caracas, Miami, Bogota and Mexico DF.



His second album, “Bulería” was released in February 2004, and sold more than a million copies, 300,000 in America. Between the end of May 2004 and July 2005, David Bisbal toured Spain, the United States and all Latin America, giving 114 concerts with his “Bulería Tour”. In Spain alone, he performed for more than 600,000 fans at his 80 concerts. David Bisbal was once again nominated in the Vocal Pop Album of the Year at the Grammy Latinos for this, his second album. This year saw even more international accolades, many of them in the United States. These included the Lo Nuestro Prize for best New Pop Artist, awarded by Univision, and two Premios de la Gente (Latin Music Fan Awards) – Best New Artist of the Year and Best Contemporary Music Soloist of the Year.

During the same year, David Bisbal won two prestigious Billboard Prizes, one for Best Pop Album of the Year for “Corazón Latino” and the other decided by audience votes. He tasted success again one year later in 2005, when he won another Billboard Audience prize.

During this year he also gave concerts in the United States, with performances in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. In February 2005 he received Gold and Silver Torches at the Viña del Mar Festival. Months later, he received two Orgullosamente Latino (Latino Pride) prizes for Best Song of the Year for “Desnúdate mujer” and Best Video for “Bulería”, awarded by Ritmoson Latino. His first DVD was launched on 29 March, entitled “Todo por ustedes” and features a concert from his earlier tour recorded in the Plaza de las Ventas in Madrid and the Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona. In Spring 2005, the Spanish artist continued his “Bulería Tour” around Latin America, giving 23 live performances at legendary venues on the continent, such as the National Auditorium in Mexico DF, Luna Park in Buenos Aires, the Polyhedron of Caracas and the Rumiñahui Coliseum in Quito, among others.

In the summer of 2006, his first big hit “Ave María” was number one on the WRD2 chart, one of Germany’s most important broadcasters, coinciding with the launch of a compilation album designed for the European market, including previously unheard tracks performed in English, “The sun ain’t gonna shine (anymore)”, “Cry for me” and “Stop loving you”, and 11 hits from the artist’s previous albums (“Ave María”, “Dígale”, “Lloraré las penas” and “Bulería”, among others).



In October 2006 his third album “Premonición”, hit the shelves. It shot to number one in Spain and went Quintuple Disco De Platino in Spain and Disco De Oro in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The first single from the new album, “Quién me iba a decir”, has topped the charts in Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Puerto Rico and the United States. “Silencio”, the second single from the album in Spain, also reached number one in the Spanish radio charts.

2006 has been a year for important prizes for David Bisbal. In November, he walked away with his second Premio Ondas Prize for Best Spanish Artist in recognition of his artistic development and enormous international success. A month later, also in Spain, he walked away with the Premio Principales for Best Spanish Solo Artist and Best Video for “Qúien me iba a decir”. Coinciding with the launch of “Premonición”, in Venezuela he received two Orquídeas de Diamante and one Mara de Diamante for International Singer of the Year. During his five-year career, David Bisbal has been awarded more than 40 prestigious prizes, 30 Discos De Platino and 15 Discos De Oro, in addition to numerous number ones for his singles and albums.

During the past few months, “Quien me iba a decir”, “Soldado de papel”, “Silencio” and “Amar es lo que quiero”, all songs from his “Premonición” album, have made their mark on the popular music scene in Spain and around the world. After an intense tour around Spain, Latin America and the United States to promote his new album that lasted over five months, David Bisbal began touring Latin America with his new “Premonición Tour 07” in March, April and May. In June 2007 he  started a new round of concerts in Spain.

“Sin Mirar Atras”

Before its release, the popular speculation was that David Bisbal’s 2009 album would be his grand crossover effort, as if he needed it. The Spanish singer has done just fine in his native tongue, having earned platinum sales across Europe and hitting the charts in America, but Sin Mirar Atras is still an album with a purpose. What it desires is to be taken seriously. The opening “Esclavo de Sus Besos” may be an uptempo and effervescent rocker but the production is perfectly sane, avoiding the over-production and gimmicky slickness found on earlier Bisbal singles. The grand ballad “Mi Princesa” is delivered with the right combination of grace and restraint, while the closing “Juro Que Te Amo” communicates a desire to stay together forever, not just the young lust of the singer’s earlier work. While some fans might miss the slick dance numbers and the over the top pop tracks, the rich and rewarding Sin Mirar Atras is the sound of a former reality television contestant successfully completing the transition to mature artist. ~ David Jeffries

“Una noche en el Teatro Real”

David Bisbal revolutionized the music scene with an unprecedented concert at a completely sold out Teatro Real (Royal Theater) in Madrid, Spain. The Spanish artist wrote a new chapter in the history of contemporary pop with a performance that will echo throughout the world and demonstrate his place among the great performers in history.

David Bisbal gave his heart and soul to his euphoric public who jam-packed every corridor of the Theater Real during a spectacular set that lasted almost two hours. “Tonight I would like to invite you on a journey across time and love with stops at some of the most romantic Latin songs ever and the best songs from my trajectory”. The special concert included classic Latin music anthems such as “Te quiero dijiste” by Maria Grever, “En Un Rincon Del Alma” from Alberto Cortez ,“Y si fuera ella” by Alejandro Sanz, “Lucia” by Joan Manuel Serrat and Armando Manzanero’s “Adoro”. Of course, it was fueled by Bisbal’s biggest hits including “Ave Maria”, “Digale”, “Llorare las penas”, “Mi princesa” and ‘Silencio”. A very notable stop along this musical journey, however, came with a performance of two songs that promise to become future favorites as Bisbal performed “Doy La Vida” and “Sombra y Luz”, the latter which was written by Alejandro Sanz.

The artist had proclaimed that all in attendance would witness a very different side to him and that was definitely the case. Bisbal grasped the opportunity to reveal a previously unseen version of himself by performing his songs backed by pure and organic sounds in an intimate setting. He was joined on the theatre’s grand stage by a collection of superb musicians including acoustic and Spanish guitars, a piano, drums, bass, various wind instruments and orchestrated strings.

With over 5 million records sold worldwide, more than 400 concerts offered, David Bisbal became one of the singers with more coming in the world of pop music. Now, with his new single Sombra y Luz, composed by Alejandro Sanz and the songs  from the new acoustic album Una Noche en el Teatro Real, Bisbal start a new chapter in its history as an international pop star. The album in less then 2 months became the triple Platinum in Spain.

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