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David Bisbal – Track By Track: Una Noche En El Teatro Real



I start my acoustic concert with a “copla” which introduces the audience to my art, my roots, my homeland and most of all to a more intimate David.

My wish was to use as few instruments as possible and, most of all, come up with something I had never introduced my audience to.

With EL RUIDO, I wanted to keep this intimacy singing acapella and then let the magic reveal itself: the stage display and the band appearing little by little. It’s one of the songs that required a change in the voice inflections and undoubtedly one of the most special songs based on audience’s applause.

LLORARE LAS PENAS- The work on this song, one of the best known songs in my repertoire, has also been exquisite. We tried to make half of the song sound like bosanova and kept the pop roots for the other half. This musical arrangement forced me to sing the lyrics in a more intimate way, completely different from the electrical concerts or the Corazon Latino Tour.

EN UN RINCON DEL ALMA was a revelation among the songs I chose from each decade, Alberto Cortes’s lyrics make of it one of the most important songs of the repertoire.

It’s been an honor to sing DOY LA VIDA. I used to get so emotional while working on the musical arrangements that I hardly finished singing it.

SOMBRA Y LUZ is a dream come true as its composer is Alejandro Sanz, an artist I’ve been admiring since the beginning of my career. Besides, I identify myself a lot with the lyrics and with the elements in the story.

AVE MARIA is the most entertaining, the most famous song and the first single in my career. It changed completely from the version launched 9 years ago. It allowed me to be playful while accompanied by the piano, double bass, drums, flamenco guitars, percussion and it turned out to be a real success and I congratulate my band for this as Ave Maria hasn’t lost its essence with this new version.

I owe ADORO a lot in my career, couldn’t have left it out from this love and time musical travel. I felt free to sing it my own way accompanied by Pedro Hoyuelos’s piano and the string octet. Julio Montalvo really knew how to make an exquisite string arrangement. I admit I get goose bumps every time I listen to the band perform it.

Joan Manuel Serrat’s LUCIA is also present in this travel. I had the pleasure to be accompanied by David Palau and his jazz guitar and by juan Sanchez with his flamenco guitar. By the middle of the concert two instruments become my companions allowing for an exquisite interlude.

LA LUNA- As I’m very faithful to my Andalusian roots I wanted to pay tribute to the Andalusian rock on this travel through decades and best works of our Latin culture. There was a band I used to like, I liked all, but I chose Alameda. The great and so unconventional arrangements of the Marinelli brothers, the unique voice of Pepe Roca turned me into a huge fan.

QUIEN ME IBA A DECIR has also changed from the original version. The syncopated and off beat arrangements turned it into a difficult song to perform. It allowed me to change my voice melody and sing softly. It’s the song that most allows me to interact with the audience as a constant dialogue.

I adapted SILENCIO  to a ballad making use of a whispered crying voice, trying not to sing too loud, be less selfish on my vocals as previously I used to improvise a lot. This acoustic concert has taught me to control this, be calmer.

Y SI FUERA ELLA is one of the most important songs in my career that’s taught me a lot as it’s one of the most difficult to sing and the most beautiful ever composed. It’s wonderful to have the audience sing along its beautiful lyrics every time!

MI PRINCESA is an abstract painting that connected me every night to my audience, a wonderful fairy tale that brings this decade travel to its end in a nice way, it’s the song that’s opened my eyes to approaching the acoustic project. When accompanied by so few instruments, I realized that less can often be more.

ESCLAVO DE SUS BESOS brings the concert to its end. If at the beginning of the concert I’m accompanied only by one instrument, I wanted to have the entire band on stage including the string octet with arrangements by Joan Albert Amargos which make the song attractive to the audience and they seem to love it! I could see the smile on people’s faces while dancing to the song!

David Bisbal

Translated from Spanish by Fan Club David Bisbal in Romania

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Events details for David Bisbal Concert at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on 22 Apr 2012 – Guide2Romania

Events details for David Bisbal Concert at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on 22 Apr 2012 – Guide2Romania.

     Energetic, charismatic, talented, but modest, with Latin fire in the heart, with sensual movements, a smile and a look that  disarm you, David Bisbal became an international star, a true icon of Latin music. He only needed  two years and a record in order to have Spain and Latin America at his feet, followed then by the United States and Europe.

       David Bisbal brings Latin rhythms in Romania, on April 22, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. The spanish artist, accompanied by his band of musicians, prepares for all his fans from Romania a live show, full of energy.

        Latino rhytms, ideal for dancing, will fill in with ballads, which will highlight the impressive vocal qualities of Bisbal. The public can enjoy famous hits Buleria or Corazon Latino, but also singles included on his latest album, Sin Premonicion and Sin mirar atras.

         David Bisbal performed for the first time in Romania in December 2008, when over 4,000 people across the country accompanied him franatically throught the recital, fascinated by the artist’s exuberant energy.

        The producer of the show, Cultural Association “Grand Show”, along with partners, promote through these events art, as a beneficial way of leisure and healthy living as an alternative. Do not miss Latin event of the year! David Bisbal concert at the Palace Hall, Sunday, April 22, at 20:00.

        Tickets are available online at,,,,, and the Palace Hall, the National Operetta Theatre ” Ion Dacian “, Comedy Theatre, 1 Union Station Metro, Diverta shops, Germanos stores, Carrefour, the Romanian Post Offices marked

          Depending on category, price of a ticket is:

Super Vip Category-400 lei

VIP Category  -350 lei

Category  1 -250 lei

Category 2-150 de lei

Categoria 3-100 de lei la

Tickets SUPER VIP category are sold exclusively through

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Spanish singer David Bisbal back in Romania for concert this spring

Share/Bookmark Spanish singer David Bisbal is back in Romania for a gig at Sala Palatului in Bucharest, on April 22, 20:00. He previously performed in Romania in December 2008. David Bisbal was born in 1979, and started his career 10 years ago.  He has released four studio albums, all of which topped the Spanish Albums …

via Spanish singer David Bisbal back in Romania for concert this spring.

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David Bisbal to Collaborate with Miley Cyrus for Disney Movie – SHOUTcast Blog

David Bisbal to Collaborate with Miley Cyrus for Disney Movie – SHOUTcast Blog.


Latin GRAMMY – David Bisbal and Luz Rios

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SIN MIRAR ATRAS – more info


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The interview of David Bisbal in Spanish Television

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Photos from ” Escalvo de sus besos ” – David Bisbal


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Toulouse -27.06.2009 – David Bisbal concert

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