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PARIS – 25.06.2009


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English David Bisbal myspace


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01.06.2009 Belgium – the concert of David Bisbal


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David Bisbal live in Spanish Idol with Pedro Fernandez

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A new artistical face of David Bisbal



Mitad de mora y cristiana

tienes la sangra cruzá

desde una tierra lejana

que se refleja en el mar

la alcazaba centinela

siempre guarda tu hermosura

y la torre de la vela y la torre de la vela

te cantó bajo la luna

El cielo besa tu imagen

hasta ver tu despertar

y las flores de tu parque y las flores de tu parque

te ponen sobre el altar

Aayyy ayyy Almería

Almería tierra noble

fuente de la inspiracion

sortilegio de belleza

de la noche y la cancion

Tu hermosura tiene historia

y hay en tí tal señorio

que es para decir a gritos

yo soy tierra de tronío

ay Almería, ay mi Almeríaaaa

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Casandra Award for David Bisbal

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Reporter: David, welcome to, at the Award Lo Nuestro, thank you for being with us.


David Bisbal: It’s a pleasure, always a pleasure to be with you.


R: Look, people are asking you if you have finished recording your album and if you have already closed the repertory, if you have chosen the first single.


DB: Well, I’m still recording it. Actually, after Premio lo Nuestro finishes, I’ll fly to Mexico, because I am working with Armando Avila, a prestigious mexican producer with whom I am working very well. For now, I wouldn’t like to close the repertory. I am an artist which, even when recording, still finds a magic sparkle, a song that can surprize.

Actually, in my last album, better said, in all my albums, almost every single has been selected this way. When I recorded my first album, the magic came from Ave Maria…with my second album, the sparkle was Buleria. So, I belive that one shouldn’t ever close the repertory when recording.

But, in no time, we’ll be finishing the album, because we are anxious to publish it, so we can share it with the world.


R: Very well. Will there be any duets on this new CD?


DB: Yes, I’d love to. But, what is certain is that once the repertory is not closed and everything recorded, I wouldn’t like to decide on that. Because I’d like to talk it through with my team. As I was telling you, for me is always an honour to share my music with the world, but also with other artists. For the public it’s something very different and one also learns a lot from such experience.

For example, the quartet that these days we’ve recorded and now participates at Premio Lo nuestro….all this is marvelous. We’ve had the chance to sing together live in Puerto Rico. Today,  at the wonderfull Premio lo Nuestro we’ll sing for all Latin America.


R: Haven’t you “stolen” one of those 3 for your new project…like that…out of the blue?


DB: You know, all 3 are very busy. Alex Syntek is also recording album. Noel is a step away from finishing his and Fonsi….I’ve sung with him in many places: Madrid, Puerto Rico, we’ve appeared together a lot….he’s busy with the album that’s very well seen. It’s going beautifully for him all around the world.

But, you never know. As I told you, God willing, we’ll have this chance to sing with them again.


R: You are composing more on this album. How many of your compositions will there be on the album?


DB: Until now I’ve recorded some….like six of my themes and the repertory is not yet defined, so I’m pretty satisfied. I’m preparing this album for a year now, from February 2007 and I have written a lot of songs.

And thank God, my record company, the team of ER, they liked them and so I have a special motivation regarding this. We’ll see. I have captured all the energy that came from working at separate projects, my album and my concerts, the concert of ALAS, the one from MTV in Malaga, with all those people on the beach, the duets with Rhianna, Fonsi, Pedro Fernandez, Rafael.

All this has been helping me to put all my energy and love in my songs.


R: Now that you’ve mentioned Spain…people are anxious to see this quartet live in Spain. Is it possible?


DB: Yes, well, of course it is. I’d be over delighted. We already sung in Puerto Rico, here in Premio Lo Nuestro, where people from many countries will have the chance to see us through television.

But, I’d be delighted to be able to share this beautifull song with my quartet in my home land. It would be marvelous.


R: People ask if in any of your albums in the title pages you’ve used some image of Almeria and of what place?


DB: Well…I’ve done that in all my albums. In all I’ve used pictures of my country. In videos, photos. In my first album I’ve recorded Ave Maria in my country, Almeria, on the beach of Monsur, in Cabo de Gato and the pictures from the album were also made there.

In Buleria the same…the desert of Tavernas and on my last album I’ve recorded with the guys from Wisin and Yandel the song Torre de Babel at the Alcazaba of Almeria… this is always something that i need to carry with me….my land.

Because i spend a lot of time away from it. This is the “excuse” to bring it with me and not miss it so much, the land that I so deeply love, Almeria. That way it is always with me.

I’m having a benefit concert for a child of my country, Almeria. His name is Juanma. He’s suffering from a degenerative disease. That’s why I told you that I’ll be very soon back in Almeria, on the 25th of April to be exact….because I’ll have this wonderfull concert.

This child, very young, sufferes from a degenerative disease. All the benefits of the concert will go entirely to the family of Juanma, so they can continue to fight with tis terrible disease. And I am very pleased. Because it’s the first beneficiary concert that I organize on my own.

I have, of course, participated in a lot of beneficiary concerts: in Alas, in Peru, Terremoto, Education, in that of the Children Soldiers. But it’s the first concert that I organize alone, as person and as artist and I feel very pleased. I hope it will be a success.


R: And for your land?


DB: And for my land..especially for the childhood…he’s a child from my land,Almeria. And I felt so indentified with him.


R: Now..that you have felt the sweet taste of  success..that you’ve enjoyed it,how did you maintain that balance and continued being that simple person? know,I always thought that everything that happens to me are very positive things, and nobody can be arrogant with that,on the contrary..I  always need to express all the happiness that music gives me..and to share it with the people.this is the way that I enjoy  music,this is the way that I want to live it and share it with my public..this is the way that I feel happy.then  I hope that God will maintain that state of mind in me.


R:tomorrow..Premios Lo Nuestro will be over…what’s next in your life?you return to the disc?you return to Mexico??


DB:actually…when Premios lo Nuestro it’s over I’ll travel straight to Mexico,because I will continue recording my disc..and I’ll also be performing with Wisin and Yandel at their concert in Mexico ,  I think it’s a great opportunity to sing again with them.because you can learn a lot from a featuring, from the collaborations..and sharing it with the people from Mexico is always a great seems like I live in Mexico because I spend so much time there in Mexico..and I really like that.


R:  What do you like the most in Mexico?


DB: I like so much the affection of people,who are (faithful,devoted)..from the first moment that I arrived…well..there weren‘t so many people at first .but gradually that affection has grown my first year there I had a few little concerts,and gradually I got to sing at the national auditorium…that was a great thing..and to see that you are little by little evolving and the affection of the people is  still present…of course,the women are very beautiful…and I like very much the food,especially…my favourite dish is “la ranchera”I like that varierty of meat.


R: Now..that we are talking about the Mexican meat,,didn’t you ever fell for a Mexican woman ??


DB: They are really beautiful ,but…

R: Any ranch girl??


DB: Because I like anyway”la ranchera”, no?

   Well…you can lose your had, because they are really beautiful, but you have to remain calm..


R: There are people that are afraid to live in Mexico..for you ..all that about the insecurity..,how did you manage it?


DB:    Well…anyone has that fear but..nobody can live  hidden, thinking about the things that can happen to have to be precautios,but mexico, gradually,is getting out from all those problems..and I’m really glad..I hope that they’ll have luck,and will be able to work for the happiness of the city,they are worth it,because they are really good people.

R: Changing the subject…how do you think that the economic crisis has affected you personally?


DB: The musical crisis had arrived long before the world economic crisis, and so then we are a little more accustomed with it, but is sure that now there are so much more difficulties in making a concert, or for the promoters of Cds and activities..and one has to find another way for a good simbiosis… so that the people continue supporting the music..and that we  be able to share it in a balanced way..all together…but it sure affected in many sectors…and the music has been the piracy many years ago..but I think we gonna go through this..all the nations united, together..we gonna try to work to obtain serenity for the people.


R: What are you gonna offer this night to the public?


DB:  All  my affection..all my energy,all my passion for  music…and ..the most important of all the joy and the motivation for being able to share a great song like “aqui estoy yo” with professionals from other countries like noel, like alex sintek and like luis fonsi..and celebrate it at the premios lo nuestro,which represents our latin culture..they are so’s great that all the people on our continent will see all that we feel for music.


R: David thank you so much for being here with us


DB: Thank you,it’s always a pleasure being in this media, the internet,  that today moves everything. So,  thank you so much for the opportunity to make  this interview . Kisses for everybody


Translation: Fanclub  “David Bisbal in Romania”

( Daniela Mariana Chiriac si Venera Iftimi)

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David Bisbal in the Awards TV y Novelas

So elegant!

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Charity concert – David Bisbal


ALMERIAN superstar David Bisbal will give a charity concert in order to raise money to help Juanma, a boy who suffers from Alexander disease, a slowly progressing and fatal neurodegenerative disease.

It is a very rare disorder which results from a genetic mutation and mostly

affects infants and children, causing developmental delay and changes in physical characteristics.

Tickets for the charity concert to be held next April 25 at the Teatro Auditorio Roquetas de Mar are now on sale.

All the money raised from the proceeds will be given to Juanma´s family.

Tickets will cost between 40 and 50 euros. The Roquetas de Mar Town Council will organise and produce the event, and international superstar David Bisbal will sing for free.



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